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viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

Dragon Ball Z - BGM Collection


01 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (TV Size)
02 - Prologue & Subtitle I (partially with pieces used)
03 - Fear Unfelt Before
04 - Fight On In The Other World!
05 - Son Gohan And Piccolo Daimao
06 - La Head-Cha-La (Variations) (pieces used)
07 - Bridge Collection
08 - The Saiyans Are Coming!!
09 - Super Deciding Battle To Divide Heaven From Earth!!
10 - Gohan?s Theme
11 - Crying Call, The Days Of Training
12 - Dark Clouds Swirling Over Planet Namek
13 - Make It In Time!! The Seven Dragon Balls
14 - The Fearsome Ginyu Special Corps
15 - The Monster Freeza Vs. The Legendary Super Saiyan
16 - Planet Namek And Hope Vanish (partially with pieces used)
17 - Come Out, Outstanding Full-Force Power! (TV Size)
18 - ?Dragon Ball Z?
19 - ?The Strongest Guy In This World?
20 - War (I-ku-sa) (Movie Size)
21 - ?Super Deciding Battle For The Whole Earth?
22 - The Whole Of It (Movie Size)
23 - ?Son Goku Is A Super Saiyan?
24 - In ?Bad? Things, There Is A Ball Of Good Energy!! (Movie Size)
25 - ?Outstanding Ultimate Strength Vs. Ultimate Strength?
26 - Outstanding Ultimate Strength Vs. Ultimate Strength (Movie Size)


01 - Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Instrumental)
02 - The Boy Who Came From The Future
03 - The Artificial Humans Go To Town?
04 - Prevent It! Cell?s Perfect Body
05 - The Cell Games Which Summon Death
06 - All?s Well That Ends Well ~ One More Conclusion
07 - Farewell Warriors (pieces used)
08 - ?Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors?
09 - Hero (You Are The Hero) (Movie Size)
10 - ?Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans?
11 - At Its Threshold - The World At Its Limits (Movie Size)
12 - ?Burn Up!! Hot Fight, Fierce Fight, Super Violent Fight?
13 - Burning Fight, Hot Fight, Fierce Fight, Super Violent Fight (Movie Size)
14 - ?The Galaxy At Its Threshold!! A Phenomenally Awesome Guy?
15 - Surpass The Galaxy Rising High (Movie Size)


01 - We Gotta Power (TV Size)
02 - Prologue & Subtitle II
03 - Enter A New Hero
04 - Angel (pieces used) We Were Angels
05 - Reunion! Tenkaichi Tournament
06 - We Gotta Power (Instrumental)
07 - We Were Angels (Instrumental)
08 - The Time For Battle Is Here Again (pieces used) We Gotta Power
09 - Believe In Tomorrow? (pieces used) We Were Angels
10 - Son Goku Is The Strongest After All!! (pieces used) We Gotta Power
11 - We Were Angels (TV Size)
12 - ?A Pair In Peril!! The Super Warrior Cannot Rest?
13 - Miraculous Big Fight (Movie Size)
14 - ?Super Warriors Crushed!! I Will Be The Victor?
15 - Dragon Power Infinity (Movie Size)
16 - ?Fusion Reborn!! Goku And Vegeta?
17 - The Ultra Strong Fusion (Movie Size)
18 - ?Ryuken, Explode!! If Goku Won?t Do It, Who Will??
19 - If I Don?t Do It, Who Will? (Movie Size)

(3 CDs en 1 Link)

4 comentarios:

Symphoniker dijo...

Gracias, amigo mio :) MUY buen disco :)

Anónimo dijo...

Gracias por postear este buen disco quisiera que me hagas un favor grande pudieras postear el soundtrack de La Caponera interpretada por Margarita Rosa de Francisco

Anónimo dijo...

so many cool albums but its so sad that everytime I try download something from rapidshare it says PLEASE GET PREMIUM =(

Denito dijo...

adoro tu blog *-*